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In today’s competitive environment where new technologies are evolving and disrupting traditional business practices, businesses need to identify opportunities and constantly transform business and implement strategies that distinguish an organization  from the competition.

Achieving this will need to focus on strategic acquisitions, gaining share in the right markets and acquiring and retaining the right customers.

Businesses need to continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement; and in today’s context, inextricably also to invest in technologies and innovations.

From creating new products to expanding into new markets, companies need to strengthen the business model, in face of the rapidly changing business environment.

The AQUITY Congregation


Channel & Market Development

The Capital-Growth Matrix sits in the heart of our strategy and focuses on the issues that matter most to our projects and investments:

Capital Growth matrix.png

Due Dilligence​

Integrated financial and other due diligence in assessing the business or asset under review.

Merger and Acquisition

Local industry insights and international network to identify the right transaction for the organization, linking transaction strategy with business strategy.

Project Finance

Make informed decisions, with independent advice and valuable insights founded on extensive experience and sector-specific knowledge to deliver a seamless multidisciplinary approach, interacting with our network in market development, finance, transaction real estate, transaction tax, accounting and business modelling.

Investing in the Pipeline

P2P Sharing & Collaborative Economy - Mobile PowerBanks
Travelers' Concierge & Navigator:
In-Room / In-Vehicle 
LeHome Concept.png
OmniCommerce Retail -
Low-cost Construction & Materials
Off-Grid Renewable Energy -
"Solar Crowd Farming"
Curated Travel & Augmented Reality - Shopping & Travel
Virtual-Guide Experience
Retail Technology Platform -
Unified Commerce
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